Katelyn Eklund

Front End Developer - Graphic Artist - User Experience Designer



Katelyn Eklund is currently in her final year studying for a Higher National Diploma in Web Design/Interactive Media. This portfolio site showcases her design and programming skills with projects written in various programming languages including HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and jQuery. Her blog also features her work in User Experience and User Interface design.

Currently working for the largest education administration software company in Dublin, she hopes to expand her career into full-time front end development with a focus on User Interface design and implementation. In her spare time she also enjoys other creative outlets such as music and photography.

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Traffic Light

Click on the traffic light to change it from red to green.

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Caesar Cipher

Select a number to shift the letters forward by, start typeing and your deciphered message should appear in the translation box.

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Credit Card Reader

Input and validate different types of credit card details.

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Hotel Booking System

Choose the number of rooms you'd like to reserve or unreserve from the hotel.

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Start and stop the car. Decide how many kilometers to drive, your fuel level should decrease.

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Array Practice

Practice with using Javascript arrays

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